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Construction Project Manager

Project Manager Purpose: Enhances Timberline reputation by setting a culture of building healthy relationships with staff, subs, clients, and vendors.

What is a Timberline Project Manager?

As the Project Manager, you will be the captain of the ship for 2-3 projects at a time. You will be in charge of coordinating the job foreman, carpenters, subcontractors, building materials, and inspections. You will interface regularly with the client, Timberline leadership and the office team.  At any given time you will be training, delegating, scheduling, coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees; (as needed) communicating job expectations; planning, monitoring, evaluating contributions; recommending compensation actions; adhering to policies and procedures.


Job Role

  • Manage sub-contractors, evaluating, monitoring and controlling performance.
  • Meet operational standards by contributing construction information to a daily, weekly, and entire project strategic plan with staff and subcontractors.  
  • Implement and oversee the plan and make adjustments as needed.
  • Evaluate and implement change orders together with the office team
  • Maintain safe, secure, and healthy work environment by following and enforcing safety standards.
  • Project Prep.  Order dumpster, dust protect, floor protect,
  • Organize material delivery
  • Perform Take off’s when necessary for Lumber, Windows, Doors, Etc. Give your contact info to each vendor.
  • Communicate all orders to office & ensure that subcontractors have information for billing
  • Use BuilderTrend Software to check “To-do’s” each morning. Assign “To-do’s” to staff.  Ensure “To-do’s are marked complete on a daily basis.
  • Fill Out a BuilderTrend Daily Log with pictures each day for every job you are on and/or responsible for. 
  • Coach Staff on properly filling out time clock.
  • Place orders with proper POand job info for coding correctly. 
  • Problem solve and lead the team in solution-oriented thinking